An enchanted moment


It’s a lovely fall day today at Riley’s Ranch with a cool breeze blowing from time to time, and yellow leaves are gently falling. The sun is shining, dappling the forest floor here and there with warm spots of light. I’m with our Shorthorn cows, to observe Bossie who is full term but not in active labor yet. Her udder is much fuller today.

It looks like little hooves could pop out any minute once her labor starts.

Her huge belly is hanging really low.



They are all chewing their cud and standing around under the pine trees so quietly and calmly, motionless except for the occasional switching of their tails.

And their chewing.


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Calves are napping. 

One little brown calf is mooing in his sleep and his little hooves are twitching.

Our 1000 lb. bull, Gus, is scratching his big behind on the fence, wagging his hind quarters slowly and comically, back and forth against the fence.

His big old head swings left when his rear end goes right, and then the opposite, bowing out the fence behind him to a severe angle but not breaking it.

We are all enjoying the shade of the forest, just beyond our pond on the west edge of the north pasture.

It could not be any more peaceful.

Bossie just decided to lay down, and all the cows, calves, and Gus have turned to look at her.

One of our cows walked over, dipped her head down toward Bossie’s hind quarters and is just standing there quietly with her head down.

It’s almost like we all know something good is about to happen.