DSC_6806-Cattle family


Pasture raised beef for sale by quarters or halves at Riley’s Ranch in December of 2017.

Taking reservation orders and deposits now.

Only old fashioned, organic methods are practiced at this farm: no chemicals on coastal bermuda pasture, no antibiotics.

Just naturally healthy and happy animals who have lived a good life as God intended,

in the care of family farmers who have loved and cared for them from the day they were born. 


Hanging weight cost ($4.50/lb) is paid to Riley’s Ranch and the processing fee (50 cents/lb)  is paid to processor.

You will work directly with processor to customize your cuts as you wish.

Order now by calling 803-517-5476 to reserve.

Deposit will be required to hold your order: $200, paid by check and mailed to:

950 Lamms Rd Carthage NC 28327

Example: 1/4 Cow  Order:

Hanging weight (Dress weight) will vary, but we expect approximately 500 lbs per cow.

Hanging weight 500 lbs  divided by 25% = 125 lbs

125 lbs x $4.50/lb = $562.50

Slaughter fee $50 per cow divided by 25% = $12.50

Total cost paid to Riley’s Ranch: $575

Total cost to Processor:

Hanging weight (125 lbs) x processing fee ($0.50 /lb) = $62.50

Total cost (Riley’s Ranch + Processing fees ): $637.50