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Pasture raised beef for sale by quarters or halves –  June 2018

Taking reservation orders and deposits now

Call 803-517-5476 to make your order.

Only old fashioned, organic methods are practiced at this farm: no hormones, no antibiotics.

Just naturally healthy and happy animals who have lived a good life as God intended,

in the care of family farmers who have loved and cared for them from the day they were born. 


Hanging weight cost ($5.50/lb) is paid to Riley’s Ranch and the processing fee (55 cents/lb) and slaughter fee ($50 per cow.) 

You will work directly with processor to customize your cuts as you wish.

Order now by calling 803-517-5476 to reserve.

Deposit will be required to hold your order: $200, paid by check and mailed to:

950 Lamms Rd Carthage NC 28327

Example: 1/4 Cow  Order:

Hanging weight (Dress weight) will vary, but we expect approximately 500 lbs per cow.

Example (may vary): Hanging weight 500 lbs  divided by 25% = 125 lbs

125 lbs x $5.50/lb = $687.50

Slaughter fee $50 per cow divided by 25% = $12.50

Total cost paid to Riley’s Ranch: $687.50 + $12.50 = $700

Total cost to Processor:

Hanging weight (125 lbs) x processing fee ($0.55 /lb) = $68.75

Total cost (Riley’s Ranch + Processing fees ): $700 + $68.75 = $768.75