Entrance 3Riley’s Ranch is a 75 acre family farm located in Moore County, North Carolina.

Our current stock consists of registered Shorthorn and Black Angus cattle and free range heritage chickens.

Recent additions to the farm include our beautiful India Blue and Java Green Peafowl.

Nestled in the beautiful Sandhills of North Carolina, our animals are treated with the utmost respect and receive the best of care.

Animal welfare, pasture-based farming, and sustainability.

That is what Riley’s Ranch is all about.

We have sold our herd of Large Black and Tamworth hogs (which we loved) but may get back into that aspect of farming in the future. For now we will focus on cattle and chickens while we oversee our new company, Riley Power Group.

We are dedicated to the use of sustainable farming practices which include rotational grazing on our fresh pastures and woodlands with access to natural spring water, the use of compost on our gardens and pastures instead of dangerous chemical fertilizers. We strive to minimize any land or water contamination on our farm by avoiding the use of pesticides and by using strategic fencing around our ponds. We have selected animals that are good foragers and are planting crops that are indigenous to our area or do well in our climate, with no antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals added to our animal’s diets.

All farm animals have a personality and lifestyle unique to their breed that are not allowed to be expressed in over-crowded commercial livestock operations. Simply put, animals are not allowed to be themselves in those operations, and are forced to live in unnatural conditions requiring genetic engineering and the daily use of antibiotics and hormones to produce an animal that can survive.

That is one of the reasons why you hear so many older folks complain that the meats of today taste nothing like the meats they grew up eating—less flavorful and in some cases less tender.

An important part of an animal’s health, wherever it is raised, is never to be forced to live in it’s own waste. When the animal is free from this condition and allowed to graze, the daily use of antibiotics is unnecessary, and the health of the animal is improved. Conversely, animal waste is an important part of sustainable farming and indeed when managed properly can enrich the quality of the pastures of a farm by providing valuable nutrients back into the soil.  We do this at our farm by composting our animal’s waste and spreading it back onto the pastures. Here at Riley’s Ranch our cows lead a very happy life, and can be cows; our chickens can be chickens,  just as God intended!


Purchased by 1/2 or 1/4 shares.

Pick up June 2018


Also for sale:  1 year old India Blue Peacocks and Peahens

Call 803-517-5476  for details.


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